pixelerede minecraft 8bit solbriller

About is cool cool pixelated sunglasses, some call them minecraft, others 8bit. actually came about because I had bought a couple of pixelated sunglasses myself which of course I was totally crazy about. But the reaction I got from other people on the street I had never experienced before in my entire life! Every single day I was stopped by both the elderly, the young and the children who all either came up with the phrase “No where are they cool!” or “Where are they cool!”. People also asked if they had to try them and I even saw some run off with my sunglasses! It occurred to me that I had something that was truly unique – for the first time in my life, I had bought a pair of sunglasses and hit a trend that not only I was completely crazy about, but which EVERYONE liked!

And that’s where the idea was born for the creation of (“make me cool by pixelating me”) – the pixelated logo, some cool different presentation stands & displays, as well as a very unique webshop experience in an innovative different delicious appealing retro design!

It was a clear goal that I wanted the widest range possible at all, so there will always be a design that matches every person’s style, courage, age and type as well as make the shopping experience a bit like in a candy store! – At the time of writing I have> 50 models – all in pixelated design!
We also have everything! – From subdued classic style to transparent, patterned, animal kingdom, neon, out-and-gold colored, and even pixelated sunglasses with LIGHT in for night parties! Finally, we have sunglasses for both adults and children!

All sunglasses are of course UV400 protective.

In 2019, I tested whether there was a desire for my sunglasses at various cool music events like Wave and Kaj – your friend in the sun. pixelerede minecraft 8bit solbriller

On our facebook fan page you can see a lot of pictures of happy customers!

If you want represented at your event, please write to us by email or facebook!

In 2020, the coolest sunglasses web shop will ever be launched and with cool unique features like trying out the sunglasses online before buying ! It could hardly be better timed – here in the middle of a corona virus era where everyone was asked to stay home!

Join the trend! – Become the COOL pixlet!